No. 605    |    14 October 2023


Three Achievements of Cultural History for War Researchers

Perhaps the claim that the most important influence of cultural history on war studies was the deconstruction of the concept of "history" and the concept of "war" is not an exaggerated one. Cultural history actually deconstructed the concept of war and the history of war. Cultural history tells us not to see the war exclusively in the contexts, manifestations of the people who were only on the battlefield, but also see the contexts adjacent to it.

The 344th Night of Memoir-4

The 344th night of memoir was held on Thursday, the 23 February of 2023, with the presence of the brave men of the Air Force in the Soura Hall of Arts Center. In this program, General Alireza Rudbari, Second Brigadier General Fereydoun Samadi, General Mohammad Hasan Luqmanejad and captive pilot Brigadier General Mohammad Sediq Qaderi shared their memories. Also, the book "Honest Pilot" was unveiled in the presence of Mohammad Hasan Abu Tarabifard. Davood Salehi was in charge of this night of memoir.

Oral History Works and Upcoming Problems-2

In order to understand more about the problems of producing books on the subject of oral history or memoirs, the oral history website has conducted short interviews with some experts and practitioners, which will be presented to the readers in short notes and in several parts. Previously, the first part of this note was published under the title of “Oral History Works and Upcoming Problems-1” and the following is the second part.

Memories from Basiji Brother Hajj Ahmad Ghadirian

The training of these groups was done theoretically in the houses that were prepared in different parts of Tehran, and during practical steps, they were sent to the determined shooting ranges. These ranges were one on the Jajroud Road called “Telo Shooting Range” and the other one was in the mountains near the shrine of Abdul Azim called “Hills and Mountains of Mesgarabad.” After training, these groups were sent to the south and west of the country, and settled in Ahvaz schools.

Memoirs of Hojjat al-Eslam Esmaeel Ferdowsi Pour

A friend and companion of Imam Khomeini

On Wednesday tenth of Mehr 1357 (October 2, 1978), the last night, the imam announced that he would pilgrimage the holy shrine. When the Imam arrived the holy shrine, the people thought that he had been freed and the restriction was lifted. Arab women cheered, kissed the Imams robes, and the men kissed the Imams hand and expressed their joy and happiness that, thanks God, the restriction was lifted. But at the time when our dear leader stood in front of the ...

Oral History Weekly Magazine Aims and Regulations
Oral History Weekly Magazine wishes to create a suitable place for thoughts and idea development; Its main field would be “Oral History” and subjects as telling & writing memoirs, writing diaries, travelogues, chronologies, and all other subfields of history which are presented in the form of news, articles, reports, notes, interviews and memoirs can be included. There is no limitation on the length of would-be-sent materials.
Mentioning the name, academic background and email is necessary. Articles with complete references and bibliography are more credited and an abstract would quite helpful.
Weekly is not about to publish any material consisting insults and libels about other people or anything that brings anxiety to public opinion. Weekly can edit and translate the received materials.
The published articles and materials are only the writer’s ideas and Oral History Weekly Magazine has no responsibility about their content.

Da (Mother) 66

The Memoirs of Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

Translated from the Persian with an Introduction by Paul Sprachman

Persian Version (2008)

Sooreh Mehr Publishing House

English Version (2014)

Mazda Publishers




“The front, Railroad Circle. He came and I gave him your message. Then he went to mother. I was so happy.”

“Thank God, Ali is okay,” I said, adding, “When did he leave, Leila?”

“Just before you came,” she said.

“Then I am going.”

“Wait for me.”

“I can not.”
I began running as fast as I could. As soon as mother saw me, she ran to hug and kiss me. “Where’s Ali?” I asked her.

“He just left.”

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