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Material Intellectual Property Rights of Oral History Work-9

Oral History Text Belongs to the Narrator

Following our discussion of Material Intellectual Property Rights of oral history works, we had an interview with “Mohammad Ghasemipour”, the former director of the Center for Culture and Resistance Research in the strategic deputy of the provinces of Hozeh Honari (artistic field). For more than 10 years, he has been holding oral history training ...

Part of the book “Lurking in Red Rose”

About Martyr Ali Sayyad Shirazi

When he arrived at the Majlis (parliament), some time had passed since the start of the meeting. He felt that in those corridors of the building, the condition of his clothes and appearance burst everyone’s bubble. For a while, he thought about going back to the officer’s school to wear more suitable clothes; but suddenly he decided to enter the room with ...

Troublesome letters

In Shahrivar 1350 (September 1971), the SAVAK arrested more than 90% of the members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) in a night raid. The rest were arrested in the months of Mehr and Aban of the same year (October and November). Therefore, in 1350 (1971), the MKO was dealt a heavy blow by SAVAK. When this news was reflected in the society, it naturally brought many reactions.

Works of Oral History and Upcoming Problems-3


In order to better understand the problems of producing books with the subject of oral history or memoirs, the oral history website has conducted short conversations with some experts and practitioners, the results of which will be presented to the readers in the form of short notes and in several parts.

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Da (Mother) 93

The Memoirs of Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

Translated from the Persian with an Introduction by Paul Sprachman

Persian Version (2008)

Sooreh Mehr Publishing House

English Version (2014)

Mazda Publishers


Chapter Twenty Five: Evacuating Arab People

Most of the city’s inhabitants had been evacuated, but there were still some holdouts. The boys in their travels would come back, reporting that, unlike most other areas in the city, in the Arab neighborhood of Mowlavi many people had remained behind.

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