No. 600    |    9 September 2023


The 343rd Night of Memoir-2

The 343rd Night of Memoir was held on Thursday 26th of January 2022 in the Surah Hall of the Art Center with the presence of a group of soldiers and families of the Malik Ashtar Battalion of the Muhammad Rasoolullah (pbuh) Army and honoring the memory of the martyrs of this battalion, especially the martyr Mohammad Reza Karvar. In this program, which was hosted by Davoud Salehi, the veteran and captures Mohammad Rostamifar, Saeed Tahuna and Nusratullah Akbari shared their memories.

Prisoner Song

Among the hymns that we recited in Hosseiniyeh was the “Prisoner" hymn. One of the famous slogans of the people was "freedom of political prisoners". My mind was busy with this position and I was looking for an opportunity to do something in this field. Prominent figures such as late Taleghani and Mr. Montazeri were considered symbols of political prisoners. When we talked about the "freedom of political prisoners", our mouths were mainly directed to these characters.

Visiting Karbala on Foot

Memoirs of Hojjat-ul-Islam Sayed Aliakbar Mohtashamipour

During the year, there are several occasions when the pilgrimage of Hazrat Abi Abdullahs shrine is highly recommended on those days, and there are many authentic traditions about the virtue of visiting Imam Hussain shrine on those days. Special occasions for pilgrimage are: Friday nights, Arafah Day, Arbaeen Day, first day of Rajab, night of 15th Rajab, night of 15th Shaban, Qadr nights in the holy Ramadan, and Eid al-Fitr. In Iraq, on at least four occasions, Shiites and those ...

Oral History News for Mordad 1402 (July-August 2023)

A meeting for reviewing and criticizing the book "Here on the Hill, the Takfiris Dance" was held in the National Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense in the presence of the critics. The book "Here on the hill, the Takfiris dance" written by Shirin Zarepour, includes the biography of the martyr of the defender of shrine Seyyed Ehsan Mirsayar. It was recently (2023) published by Nashr-e 27 Bethat.

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Da (Mother)

The Memoirs of Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

Translated from the Persian with an Introduction by Paul Sprachman

Persian Version (2008)

Sooreh Mehr Publishing House

English Version (2014)

Mazda Publishers


I wanted to stay and hear what the young man was telling Hajj Aqa about the situation at the front, but Rana Najjar called me and said, “Come on, we’ve got work to do.” I went to see about the wounded lying on the floor of the infirmary, but I was still sick at heart.

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