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The Narrator of Collective Memoirs and Away from Useless Political Tensions

Seyyed Mahmoud Doaei, a calm and humble figure in the field of media, passed away at the age of 81 after several decades of cultural and political activity. From a young age and studying in the seminary of Qom, he joined the clergy movement and from the middle of the 1340s, by migrating to the city of Najaf, he became one of Imam Khomeinis close associates. In Iran, he collaborated with some secret publications, ...

A Review of the Book "I Am Coming"

Memoirs of Seyedeh Zahra Hamidi, wife of Martyred General Seyyed Mansour Nabavi (Deputy of Planning and Operations of Karbala 25 Special Division). The blue background [of the book cover] with the calmness it produces determines the outer surface of the book cover. On the cover, with an unobtrusive picture of the martyr, and on the back of the cover, with sentences from the text, it brightens the heart and eyes of the audience ...

Methods of Torture in Prison

The reason for my arrest was opposing against the 2500-year celebrations about which I talked in my tribunes and speeches. My other crime was the circulation of the Imams Resalah (treatise) which was distributed in Tehran (Javadieh, Naziabad, Rahahan). The sources for providing the treatise were misters Mohammad Montazeri, Doaee and Rahimian. On the issue of the 2500-year celebrations, I had contacts with Ayatollah Seyed Sadegh Rouhani who was a defender of the Imam.

A Cut from Daily Notes of Ashraf al-Sadat Sistani

Friday, 6th of Khordad 1363 (May 27, 1984)

I have a brother who lives in Austria. He originally resides in Austria and his family is also there. He came to Iran last summer. His way of thinking is different from mine. He told me, "I will send a letter of invitation. Send your children one by one to me and deliver doctors and engineers." I thanked him and said, " I do not change the logo on the chest of "Mahdi" with any title.

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SABAH (111)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Interviewed and Compiled by Fatemeh Doustkami

Translated by Natalie Haghverdian

Published by Soore Mehr Publishing Co.

Persian Version 2019


Chapter thirty

Many years have passed since those days. My children are grown up. Each one is following his/her interests. Mojtaba has studied in two fields of IT technology and architecture and is working in architecture field which is his main interest. He is getting married these days. Mahya is a student in Law.

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