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Radio Abadan and the Sad Story of Khorramshahr

The comrades from the Khorramshahr Revolutionary Guards were very brave people. When Khorramshahr was occupied by the enemy, they sometimes went beyond the sight of the enemy to gather information and reconnaissance, and reached the farthest alleys and occupied neighborhoods. The information thus obtained from the situation of the invading forces and how they were stationed in the homes of the people of Khorramshahr and the equipment and communication of the occupying mercenaries ...

A brief review of the book "A Sneaker-Worn Warrior"

Heshmatullah Hedaiati Memoirs from the Sacred Defense to the Syrian Resistance

The design on the cover of the book is very clear at the same time it is simple; The effect of the place of the shoes (usually boots with black soles and only a pair of sneakers with red soles) on a gray background indicates memories that are quoted in full detail in this book and the selected text for the back cover is an example of this. The attention to detail and in fact the emphasis is on:

Arrests Begin

Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan

Following the martyrdom of Haj Mustafa Khomeini, we published and distributed open leaflets, which were suspected and persecuted by SAVAK for signing, printing and distributing them. In fact, not long after the martyrdom of Haj Mustafa and the holding of ceremonies for commemorating him, the SAVAK (Shahs secret police) began the arrests. Those who had signed the anti-government leaflet were either imprisoned or sent to exile one after another. One of the signatures of ...

Significance and Function of Oral History in Documenting Organizational Knowledge and History – 2

Dr. Abolfazl Hasanabadi, Dr. Habibollah Esmaeeli and Dr. Mehdi Abolhasani participated in the fifth meeting out of the series of meetings on oral history in Iran hosted by Mrs. Mosafa. In the meeting set up in the History Hallway of the Clubhouse, they talked about “the significance and function of oral history in documenting organizational knowledge and history”. In continuation of the show, the host invited Dr. Hasanabadi to continue talks about ...

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SABAH (110)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Interviewed and Compiled by Fatemeh Doustkami

Translated by Natalie Haghverdian

Published by Soore Mehr Publishing Co.

Persian Version 2019

Chapter Twenty Nine

In the year 1989 the Ministry of Education of Khorramshahr invited back its teachers to work. Shahnaz was among the first who decided to go back and continue her job.

Once when my mother and I had gone to see Shahnaz in Khorramshahr, I saw that the Ministry of Health has established a clinic near Allah square. 

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