No. 515    |    7 December 2021


The News of Oral History in Aban 1400 (October –November 2021)

According to the Iranian Oral History website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports take a look at news related to the subject of the site in written and virtual media. In the following, you will read news from [the month] Aban 1400 (October –November 2021). The head of Kurdistan Arts Center mentioned the main priority of this field as paying attention to culture and sustainability studies and said: ...

A Memorial of the Islamic Association Abroad

Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian

One of the most passionate meetings of students after the Ashura [in 1978] was their gathering at the Surrey University. The great hall of the university had been booked, and over six or seven hundred population of men and women gathered there. I mentioned that the slogan of Takbir is the memorial of the Islamic Association Abroad. Before the revolution, Takbir was rarely heard in domestic meetings, but almost in the months leading up to the victory of the revolution, ...

Book review:

“Floral Chador”

A page from oral history of Islamic revolution and war as narrated by Sediqeh Ardekani

At a first glance, the beautiful and eye-catching cover of the book attracts attention in which the design and title are clearly coordinated with each other. On the ID page in the FIPA (Cataloging before Publication) information section of the book, it is mentioned that "Floral Chador" is a conversation with the sister of martyr Hojjatoleslam Mahmoud Ardekani. However, as long as we do not read the book, we do not know ...

Demoralization of Prisoners

I was not familiar with prison rules because I had not been in prison before. The political prison was governed by certain rules and regulations which I was unaware of. One of the inmates, named Kheirollah, who was a teacher from Nahavand, and another one, named Harami, who now works in IRIB Corporation, and I were brought here from the committee. ‘Haji,’ they said, ‘thanks to the fact that we got rid of committee and torturers, will fast tomorrow.’

Meeting Jamshid Amouzegar at Ayatollah Khoei House

[Jamshid Amouzegar goes to Najaf and meets Ayatollah Khoei. In that meeting] ... the minister said: "We have come from Iran to visit your Excellency. The king sent us to say hello and have a greeting with you on his behalf, and since it was not possible for him to make on pilgrimage to you and grandeur Imams, we are his representative for pilgrimage. His sayings showed that he has come to get guarantee that ...

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SABAH (87)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Interviewed and Compiled by Fatemeh Doustkami

Translated by Natalie Haghverdian

Published by Soore Mehr Publishing Co.

Persian Version 2019


One day, Shahnaz and I decided to go and visit him. We asked the address until we found it. Their house was a big garden in Farmaniyeh Avenue. We were surprised to see the house and the entrance door. We could not believe that he could come from such a family and residence. We knocked. His father answered the door. We introduced ourselves and said that we have come from Abadan to visit his son. The man acted very respectfully and invited us in. We went in. But instead of going to the main building, we were guided to a small house at the end of the garden.

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