No. 273    |    22 October 2016


Mahmud Zarabi: We Had Just One Way and It Was That We Must Won Gold

Memories of the Greatest Air Fight in the World

In the interview memories of Mahmud Zarabi, Second Brigadier General, are represented that stated in conversation with website of Iran Oral History. A man that has spent his best years of his life in cabins of warplanes without any frightening, and is always believes two factors of faith and unity led success of our nation and current generation must recognize real heroes of their country. This time, we see eight years of Sacred Defense in window of the prowess of Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force.

Interview with war veterans of Art Center (2)

Shakh-e Shemiran, Shiller and end of war

The final year of the eight-year Iraqi imposed war against Iran (1988) in the western fronts recalls famous mountainous battles such as Beit-al Moqaddas 4 in the altitudes such as Shakh-e Shemiran, Shakh-e Sourmer, Bardadkan, Darbandijan Lake, Toulebi Plain and Operation Mersad which can be considered somehow as the final points of the war. Rahmatollah Kheirollahi is a combatant who was fighting during this period. In an interview with the website of Iranian Oral History, he has reviewed the final year of the war, telling us short memoirs of his presence in the western fronts:

An Oral History Workshop

Women and Oral History of War

According to Iran Oral History Site, oral history technical meeting of oral history work group titled "Women and oral history of war" was held Tuesday evening, 4 October 2016 in Parham hall of the National Archives building. In this meeting held by Iranian History Association, Fatemeh Dadashian, associate professor of Amir Kabir University and active in the field of the Holy Defense, Hojatol Islam Saied Fakhrzadeh, in charge of Oral History Branch of the Office of the Islamic Revolution Literature, Ali Asghar Saidi, associate professor, Hossein Foroutan Nejad,...

It is stated in an interview with Javad Aligoli;

The Memories of War in the Month of Muharram; Mourning was Different in Year 1363(1684)

Fighting in the frontage of war in those days and nights included of special memoirs. In the meantime, some memories were created in special days and nights such as the days of mourning for the Master of Martyrs (Hussain ibn Ali) in frontage of war that it will never be forgotten over time. In an interview with oral history, Javad Aligoli who was a eulogist for household of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and as a publicist for set of 27th Division of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the Sacred Defense told about the climate of war in the month of Muharram in those years.

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Seyyed of Quarters 15 (2)

Memories of Iranian Released POW, Seyyed Jamal Setarehdan

Edited and Compiled by: Sassan Nateq

Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company

‎2016 (Persian Version)‎

Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


Most of the time people gathered in Saat Square and started their demonstrations. Directions of demos often ended in Shahpour T-junction, Pahlavi Street and Mojasameh Square. I also wanted to participate in demos and my older brother read this into my eyes. One day, he let his eye rest on me when he was preparing to go out. Stretching his hand to me, he said, "Just on this condition that you promise not to gain distance from me!"

I nodded happily and went along with him. I was dragged about streets like a drop along with the wave of crowd. I also saw Sheikh Saeed Asghari Niari, when we passed Mirza Ali Akbar mosque. Mirza Ali Akbar mosque and Haj Mirsaleh mosque were centers of fighting and a gathering place for the people. Ayatollah Moravej and Ayatollah Masaeli were prayed in these mosques and preached from the pulpit.

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