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Untold words about the book "Untold Words" (last part)

How is the book "Untold Words: the Memoir of martyr Haj Mehdi Iraqi" written?

A lot of discussions and opinions are provided for quality, content and how the book "Untold Words: the Memoir of martyr Haj Mehdi Iraqi" is written when the book was published by Rasa press in 1370 (1991). Finally it is published for interested group in the contemporary history of Iran and the Islamic Revolution. It has been written and spoken repeatedly that one of the most valid and unique memoirs is the book "Untold Words" that the martyr Hajj Mehdi Iraqi, after the revolution, told these memoirs in the special situation based on his pure mind, belief and memoirs without any personal and special judgment, and he did not take any notice to political climates.

1st Conference of “Messengers of Abadan Siege Break”

The Operation which ensured victory

According to Iran Oral History Site, the Conference of "Honoring the memory of heroes of Samen-ol-Aemeh Operation and martyr commanders who are messenger Abadan siege break" was held on Monday evening, 26 September 2016, Andisheh Hall of the art department. Majority of the guests at the conference were families of the martyrs of the Sacred Defense; first Brigadier General II, Dr. Ibrahim Golfam, the head of the Preservation and Publication of the Values of the Sacred Defense of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and then General Seyed Abdul Rahim Mousavi, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces rendered their speeches.

It Is Quoted in the Form of Mohammad Torabi

Notes on Developments of Army 10 of Seyed Al Shohada

"The Saved Men" includes memories that are narrated by Seyyed Mohammad AbuTorabi. In 1995, he accepted in PhD test of the National Defense University for Strategic Sciences and two years later graduated from the university. In 2014, after 34 years, while at the Command and General Staff School of Imam Hussein (AS) University he was engaged in compiling and transmitting his experiences, was retired.

Interview with the war veterans of Art Center

Hashemian: I was one of the relief workers of Shohada (martyrs) Special Brigades

On hearing the phrase “Sacred Defense”, armed men come to the mind of the audiences; those who rushed to the battle fronts to defend their country. But alongside these self-sacrificed men, there were other people whose arm was the accessories for healing the wounds of the combatants. They were close to Iranian forces and commanders in every operation, risking their life to save the life of the wounded. The Iranian Oral History website in an interview with Seyed Qassem Hashemian, the relief worker of Shohada Special Brigade from Khorasan Province has reviewed his memoirs of the eight-year Iraqi imposed war against Iran. He is now a physician in the Art Center.

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Seyyed of Quarters 15 (1)

Memories of Iranian Released POW, Seyyed Jamal Setarehdan

Edited and Compiled by: Sassan Nateq

Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company

‎2016 (Persian Version)‎

Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


Chapter 1

In the Streets of Revolution

A bald stout man with handlebar moustaches dismounted a motorcycle in the corner of street. He jacked it up and leaned the wall in the pavement and pulled out his pack of cigarette. He lighted up a single cigarette with a lighter. Having his eyes glued on crowd, he puffed at his cigarette.

On the afternoon of one of early days of December 1978, I had sat in front of our house with Seyyed Hojat and both let our eyes rest on crowd which shouted slogan and moved forward. The bald man with handlebar moustaches had caught my attention. It was like he had stood to smoke idly and for whiling away. I had a strange enthusiastic to join the demonstration, but my parents said that I am just a little boy and might hurt among that crowd. In the front row, younger people, arm in arm, clasped each others hands and knocked their feet on the ground and chanted: "Down with the Pahlavi monarchy ..."

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