No. 270    |    28 September 2016


Memoirs of Mohammad Majidi from resistance years against Saddam army, Part III

The visits and conditions for freedom

During the sacred defense years, Mohammad Majidi went to the war fronts in order to take part in one of the phases of Karbala 5 Operation. But only ten days after his presence in the front, he was taken as captive by the Iraqi Bathist enemy forces and spent four years out of the best years of his life in the camps of Saddams army. In the first and second parts of the interview, we talked about the details of the days when he was dispatched to the battle fronts, the events of Karbala 5 Operation, how he was taken as captive as well as the memorable stories which he had weathered during captivity. And now this is the last and final part of interview:

New Books Offered by Islamic Revolution Literature Department

Biography of 10 indelible characters

According to Iran Oral History website, this series is collected by the group researching indelible figures; this research group was established in the spring of 2009 in Resistance Research & Study Center with the efforts of Office of Islamic Revolution Literature. The aim of such effort was to publish and disseminate the biography of prominent Iranian figures that are unknown in contemporary history of this country despite their efforts or no biography literature has been published presenting them.

Untold words about the book "Untold words" part I

Life and condition of interviewers

A lot of discussions and opinions are provided for quality, content and how the book "Untold words: the Memoir of martyr Haj Mehdi Iraqi" is emerged when the book was published by Rasa press in 1370. Finally it is published for interested group in the contemporary history of Iran and the Islamic Revolution. It has been written and spoken repeatedly that one of the most valid and unique memoirs is the book "untold words" that the martyr Hajj Mehdi Iraqi, after the revolution, told these memoirs in the special situation based on his pure mind, belief and memoirs without any personal and special judgment, and he did not take any notice to political climates.

The Dusty Calks, The Expelled, Team of Haj Hadi and …

Oral History and memories of Holy Defense Narrated by the Five Books

A more year was spent from distance between events of Saddam Hossein imposed war against Iran and us, and we met the commemoration of Sacred Defense Week in 2016. If we treat beginning of the war as the source, 36 years has spent and if it would be last of the war, 28 years has spent. Products and series that are the signs of the spent years and efforts in order to recording events of the war are books and libraries. On the occasion of this Sacred Defense Week, we brought you five books in a pack among the books that we have received a copy of them in office of Oral History of Iran Website, so thereby hangs a tale.

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Air Raid to Al-Waleed (38‎)‎


The Story of Demolishing Fighters and the Equipment in Al-Waleed Triple Military Bases ‎Known ‎as H-3‎
By: Brigadier General Ahmad Mehrnia
Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company
‎2010 (Persian Version)‎
Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


Ammunition used in the operations

In this operation a combination of different types of ammunition used on each aircraft to obtain the best results:

British BL-750 bombs of anti-equipment, parked aircrafts and armored vehicles.

MK-84 H.D. 500-pound bomb and £750 bomb for destruction of facilities, equipment and important buildings, six bullets on each aircraft.

20 mm explosive cartridges for destroying parked aircrafts, vehicles, defense cannons and missiles site, and aerial close firefight.

Two AIM- 7 missiles on the leader and sub-leader aircrafts for potential air defense in certain circumstances.

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