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It was done in the form of written work;

Identification of firsts in Mashhad city using memoirs and oral history

Mashhad as a religious metropolis, where welcomes thousands of pilgrims across the Islam world annually, has diverse identifiable characteristics that the lack of attention to each of them cause to ignore the urban history or forget some part of it. But in the past few years, the publication of some books with contemporary historical approach was result from consideration of the researchers of Mashhad. Certainly, the publication of the books and the spiritual heritage of Mashhad city, which is named as the capital of Islamic Culture by ISESCO in 2017, will increase expectations and cultural capacities of the city. Therefore, writing and publishing books in the field of history and culture of the city and introducing the potentials can be considered as an important step.

Memoirs of Mohammad Majidi from resistance years against Saddam army, Part II

Seven Memorable Events

During the sacred defense years, Mohammad Majidi went to the war fronts in order to take part in one of the phases of Karbala 5 Operation. But only ten days after his presence in the front, he was taken as captive by the Iraqi Bathist enemy forces and spent four years out of the best years of his life in the camps of Saddam’s army. In the first part, Majidi talked about the details of his dispatch to the war fronts, the events of Karbala 5 Operation, how he was taken as captive, the famous 160-person group of captives and the suspension of the captives transform due to the resistance of the famous 23 people in Baghdad:

“Mehranjoun” in Holy Defense

All Warriors of One Village

“Mehranjoun is the story of the passion of youth in a village to participate in combat in fronts during the Iraq imposed war against Iran. From behind school bench, they go to military training and from there to military operations. Some of them return and some are martyred. The book defines the efforts and experiences of these youth in the fronts by the story being told by the narrator who was one of the young soldiers at the time.

With Rahim Ghomeishi, of breaking the siege of Abadan to the years whom was considered missing

No one knew I was alive

Rahim Gomeishi, born in Khuzestan, in earliest days of the imposed war of Iraq against Iran Voluntarily dispatched to the holy defense fronts. In December 25, 1986, and at the beginning of Operation Karbala- 4 he was arrested by Saddams Army and spent 4 years of his life in the situation. As deputy of Karbalas battalion of brigade 1 of Vali-e Asrs Army 7 states in his memories, he and his companions, till the last moment before being captive, hadnt any imagination of captivity and after encountering enemies corps were awaiting martyrdom all the time.

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Air Raid to Al-Waleed (36)‎

The Story of Demolishing Fighters and the Equipment in Al-Waleed Triple Military Bases ‎Known as H-3‎

By: Brigadier General Ahmad Mehrnia

Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company

‎2010 (Persian Version)‎

Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


On the sidelines

First of all, note the poem which has been composed by Colonel Abdolsaleh Afshar, instructor of rescuing the crew during this flight:


Air raiding to H-3

Proud brave bombers,

Began flying with love plumage

Toward target, one by one in the sky,

Crossing the red and endless line

Like an eagle that saw a prey,
Prepared for raiding to Al-Waleed
Risk from air and ground ahead,
like a falcon they came down on enemy

No place for any flying,
Against the shoot and the bomb and the black lead
Reminding those thunders raid,
Remained from them the ...

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