No. 238    |    1 February 2016


Assessment of oral history and historiography of Pahlavi Supporters

10th Specialized Oral History Congress of Iran

The conference, with the theme of the oral history of the Islamic Revolution, began with a review of the conference's previous editions presented by Mohammad Mir Kazemi, host of the program. The conference's first edition was held in the central city of Isfahan in 2002 the Institute of Contemporary Historical Studies of Iran and Association of Oral History.

An interview with Mohammadali Hajimoniri

Isfahan student’s movement (4)

I think, the story of Isfahan University in year 56 ( 1978-79) was an exception among Iranian Universities and that is why the students who were 18 years old could formed the political and social activities in such a small closed and isolated environment without a guide and older ones. This is my personal opinion and you can do more research on it as a researcher, and find weather it is true or not.

Industrial and Mining Development Bank of Iran (2)

Narrated by Ali Zirak Nejad

In the bank, the expert was independent and no one could order them to write the reports in a specific way. I was an expert and sometimes would see problems and report them; Kheradjou used to encourage us in this regard. Being an expert was an honor and we were considered Charter Accountants in charge of project review and supervision and we were independent.

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Air Raid to Al-Waleed (6)‎
The Story of Demolishing Fighters and the Equipment in Al-Waleed Triple Military Bases ‎Known as H-3‎

By: Brigadier General Ahmad Mehrnia
Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company
‎2010 (Persian Version)‎
Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian



The importance of bombing this target, which consists of three advanced bases, can severely affect the enemy's military capacity and inflicted huge economic damage upon it; while will affect its dignity and psychological aspects and supporters. Therefore, each time the study of this plan didn’t lead to any result, as if a great force encourages the team to continue working.

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