No. 237    |    26 January 2016


From the State Look at August 18 coup to the Relation Between Land Reforms & the US

Review: Ardeshir Zahedi Memoirs

In the book’s preface, Ardeshir Zahedi says, “History is written from different viewpoints and those who are born after a historic period, have the right to get familiar with it beyond a narration and interpretation in order to judge better.”

An interview with Mohammadali Hajimoniri

Isfahan Student’s Movement (3)

I’d like to say that we paid attention less about these issues when we were high school, and we were not involved in political climate, and everything seemed fine. In high school, all propaganda was in favor of governance system and monarchical system. When we were in the Mashed city, Shah (king) usually came there once a year to visit us, and we were led to side of street to cheer and clap hands, and it was our only political activity during high school times that we have been taught.

Industrial and Mining Development Bank of Iran (1)

Narrated by Ali Zirak Nejad

At the launch of Third Development Plan (1962 – 1967) the Government of Iran believed that investment in various industries in the private sector requires a credit and investment institutions equipped with experienced management and competent staff to establish investment policies and pursue them. ...

Key historical document on Bushehr, Dashtestan and Tangistan published

‘Gazetteer of The Persian Gulf’ by John Gordon Lorimer’, released by Abad-Boum Publication introduces the southern Iranian regions of Bushehr, Dashtestan, Tangistan, Dashti, Liravi, Hayat Davood, Angali and Shibkouh according to the author’s notes.

According to IBNA correspondent, the book ‘Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia’ compiled by John Gordon Lorimer, translated and arranged with some further explanations by Abdolrasoul Kheirandish (PhD) reviews parts of the Persian Gulf shores based on the information provided in John Gordon Lorimer’s notes.

Oral History Weekly Magazine Aims and Regulations
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Air Raid to Al-Waleed (H-3)‎
The Story of Demolishing Fighters and the Equipment in Al-Waleed Triple Military Bases ‎Known as H-3‎

By: Brigadier General Ahmad Mehrnia
Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company
‎2010 (Persian Version)‎
Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


In the one of deciduous fall nights, the idea of a feasible strategy occurred to Colonel Izadseta. He met Colonel Hoshyar early morning and happily asked him to go to command post along with Mr. Qeydian to explain once his interesting plot. Perhaps a few friendly and jokey words exchanged between them. Then, required coordination is done to meet with commanders.


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