No. 236    |    20 January 2016


Hijab Discarding from Providing the Grounds to Implementation and Consequences

The book’s cover has been illustrated with fading images of school girls. The image shows Reza Shah was visiting a school and following up Hijab discarding. The book has also been allocated to this subject “Hijab discarding”.

Saddam had recorded our plate number!

Interview with Mohsen Soroush

Looking at Mohsen Soroush it is hard to believe that he is so experienced and is aware of cultural activities of early 80s. His main concern is cultural activities and while discussing his interest he is focused on historical events. He works in a bank in Arak city and still participates in cultural events when invited. Talking to him, you lose track of time. We interviewed him for his cultural and art activities in 80s in Arak.

The life of Iranian-Iraqis reflected in a book

In the book ’56 Zoqaq’, the writer Hani Khorramshahi reflects the fate of Iraqis of Iranian descent who were forced to leave Iraq under the dictator Saddam Hussein.

t the beginning of this book, Khorramshahi writes: “56 Zoqaq is the name of the street where I spent my childhood years; the period full of bittersweet memories which when narrated for my friends I could see the interest in their eyes.” “These memories look into a strange world as seen through my eyes as a child which narrates the covert and overt corners of the contemporary history.

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Air Raid to Al-Waleed (4)‎
The Story of Demolishing Fighters and the Equipment in Al-Waleed Triple Military Bases ‎Known as H-3‎

By: Brigadier General Ahmad Mehrnia
Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company
‎2010 (Persian Version)‎
Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


Operation Design

Two months after the beginning of war, early Azar 1359 (late November, 1980), a messenger on behalf of Colonel Muhammad Maham, garrison commander of Piranshar (home) brought some documents to the Tabriz Air Bases and Hamadan Air Base (Martyr Nojeh[1]) and delivered them to pilot Lt. Col. Morteza Farzaneh and Qassem Pourgolcheen, second commander of bases. ...

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