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A portion of the memoirs of Seyyed Hamid Shahangian

Art Foundation of the Underprivileged

But the story of the formation of "Art Foundation of the Underprivileged". A few months had passed since the victory of the revolution. One day, I was passing by Shahabad Street, the distance between the current Majlis building and Mokhbar al-Douleh Square . My eyes fell on the large and painted picture of a half-naked woman on the door of a cinema. I think it was called "Cinema Europe". We had seen enough of these scenes, ...

General, this is not Quran!

The [Qom] seminary was the center of the gathering of religious students, especially because the occasion of 15th of Khordad (June 5) motivated some to participate in this gathering of religious students [in 1970], but they did not imagine that the school would be raided and some were arrested. As a result, it is possible that there were low-motivated or unmotivated people in this group, but naturally, those of us who were arrested and the thirty or so people who ...

The 340th Session of Night of Memory-3

Trace of Blood

The 340th session of night of memory, titled “Radd-e Khoon (trace of blood),” aimed at memorializing security [defense] martyrs was held in Hozeh Honaris Sooreh Hall on Thursday, October 27, 2022. In this session, Mrs. Azarvand, the wife of martyr security defender Hossein Taghipour, Mrs. Rezvaneh Dabagh, the daughter of the late Mrs. Marzieh Hadidchi Dabagh, and Sardar (General) Mohammad Kothari shared their memories and words. Davood Salehi was presenter of this night of memory.

Unfinished Narrative

Iran Press published the memoirs of Sayyed Hamid Taghavifar, entitled Unfinished Narrative, in 500 copies in the spring of 2022. The interviewer is Behzad Sheikhi and the editor is Somayyeh Azimi Sotoudeh Kashani. The memoirs of this martyred Sardar, who was one the holy shrine defender, from the time of holy defense, have been made available to those interested, in 328 pages at a price of Ninety-Eight Thousand Tomans. At first glance, the scritta paper of the book and design of the cover, which tells the title of the book, draw attention.

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Da (Mother) 53

The Memoirs of Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni

Translated from the Persian with an Introduction by Paul Sprachman

Persian Version (2008)

Sooreh Mehr Publishing House

English Version (2014)

Mazda Publishers


The older man said, “It is like the older you get, the more you want to stay alive. But those young ones, they are not afraid to die; they just rush toward the bullets.”

At sunrise I told Leila and Zeynab I was going. I had not gotten to the gate, when Hoseyn and Abdollah came running up, saying they would be coming also.

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