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Discussed with Ali Tatri

Majlis Library Oral History Log

Oral history, a path to inform history

According to the Oral History Site, the Islamic Majlis with the chairs of elected representatives, has always been the key legislative body in Iran and has witnessed many historical upheavals. There have been many presented features in Baharestan , hence recording the oral history of the active figures in the Islamic Majlis before and after the Revolution has been critical for historical scholars.

Memory Writing Road Is Slippery, Please Be Careful!

In recent years, with growth of mass media and expansion of cyberspace and increasing interest in historical subjects, we are witnessing activity of the media (written and digital) that through poorly conducted interviews, which apparently are aimed at disseminating unconsidered or less-known memories and information about contemporary history, a wave of misleading, sometimes incorrect and inaccurate contents leads to minds and eyes of the audience.

The Memories of Pilot General Kiomars Heydarian

Are you ready to face Saddam down?

When Pilot General Kiomars Heydarian was admitted by Air Force to pass the courses of pilot-training scientific degrees, was sent to Shepard in the Texas state of America during the Pahlavi regime. At the end of the course, he gained top rank among the students from six countries. During the imposed war of Saddam Army against the Islamic Republic of Iran, there were more than 50 outbound flights and 2,000 hours of aerial patrols, and ...

Acquaintance with a war martyr in "The Secret of a Crossing"

The author, Maryam Bazr Afshan has not considered an introduction for the book but before the beginning of the first chapter, she had included a writing from the wife of the martyr which begins with these lines, "Jafar joined the camp of martyrs. He joined his fellows. I think of why, when we talk about martyrs or read their stories, watch their films ... we feel how similar they are. Their words, their attachments and ... "

Oral History Weekly Magazine Aims and Regulations
Oral History Weekly Magazine wishes to create a suitable place for thoughts and idea development; Its main field would be “Oral History” and subjects as telling & writing memoirs, writing diaries, travelogues, chronologies, and all other subfields of history which are presented in the form of news, articles, reports, notes, interviews and memoirs can be included. There is no limitation on the length of would-be-sent materials.
Mentioning the name, academic background and email is necessary. Articles with complete references and bibliography are more credited and an abstract would quite helpful.
Weekly is not about to publish any material consisting insults and libels about other people or anything that brings anxiety to public opinion. Weekly can edit and translate the received materials.
The published articles and materials are only the writer’s ideas and Oral History Weekly Magazine has no responsibility about their content.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Dabbagh) (Part 58)

Edited by: Mohsen Kazemi

Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company

‎2002 (Persian Version)‎

Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian

Attachment 1

In order to clarify the prison space in Mrs. Dabbagh memories, we interviewed with some of her fellow prisoners and daughter (Rezvaneh). Mrs. Manzar Khayyer, Susan Haddad, Adel and Zahra Mirkhani related their memoires in an interview. We chose some of them which were related to the content of this book.

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