No. 322    |    17 October 2017


Introducing Three Narrators and Two Books in 284th Session of Memory Night

Champions of Valfajar Moghadamati, Sumar and Syria

According to Oral History Website of Iran, 284th meeting of the series of Sacred Defenses memory night was held in Sooreh Hall of Hozeh Honari on Thursday evening, September 28, 2017. In the session, Majid Yousefzadeh, Seyyed Ahmad Nabavi and Rahim Afshar spoke about their memories of imposed war of Saddam Hussein against Islamic Republic of Iran.

An interview with Azam Posht Mahshadi about her most recent books

Men leave and take their memories

Azam Posht Mashhadi is an author and a memory-writer in the area of the Sacred Defense. She was born in 1981. So far, she has written 23 books and at present is in charge of the Resistance Office of the Art Center in Hormozgan Province. The publications of books such as “Men do not die in my frame” and “The wind catchers do look forward” became a pretext for the website of Iranian Oral History to have an interview with her.

Oral History Interview & Importance – Part 26

Interview Report

Once the interview process is over, it is essential to draft a report on interview status and methodology; the report shall contain the data on idea emergence to narrator identification and contact and interview conduct which shall be archived as the background of the project and submit it to relevant organizations. This report shall be drafted by the interviewer and it is important to inform the project sponsors and beneficiaries.

The manager of Ataie Publication made speech in the meeting of “Oral History of Book”:

There are lots of publishers, but a few vitrines (Part I)

As Iranian oral history website reported, the twenty-fifth and last meeting of second course of oral history book was held by effort of Nasrollah Haddadi, writer and researcher, and in the presence of Behrouz Ataie Fard, Manager of Ataie Publication in House of Writers and House of Books institution on 4 Mehr 1396 (2017-September-26).

Oral History Weekly Magazine Aims and Regulations
Oral History Weekly Magazine wishes to create a suitable place for thoughts and idea development; Its main field would be “Oral History” and subjects as telling & writing memoirs, writing diaries, travelogues, chronologies, and all other subfields of history which are presented in the form of news, articles, reports, notes, interviews and memoirs can be included. There is no limitation on the length of would-be-sent materials.
Mentioning the name, academic background and email is necessary. Articles with complete references and bibliography are more credited and an abstract would quite helpful.
Weekly is not about to publish any material consisting insults and libels about other people or anything that brings anxiety to public opinion. Weekly can edit and translate the received materials.
The published articles and materials are only the writer’s ideas and Oral History Weekly Magazine has no responsibility about their content.

Memoirs of Marzieh Hadidchi (Dabbagh) (Part 13)

Edited by: Mohsen Kazemi

Tehran, Sooreh Mehr Publications Company

‎2002 (Persian Version)‎

Translated by: Zahra Hosseinian


Six days in siege and occupation

"We are commanded to be your guest for a few days!" the agents said, when their ransacking failed. "Well, apparently I can not do anything! But I beg you to go upstairs. I have seven daughters and your presence bothered them." I said.

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