No. 511    |    9 November 2021


Book Review

Last Counterattack

The interview and compilation of the Last Counterattack was done by Seyed Hassan Mousavi Tayeb and its first edition has been published and released in 2020 by the Foundation for preserving and publishing holy defense works and values in 381 pages and 1000 copies with hard cover and small octave size. The cover page of Last Counterattack has been designed with illustrative war scenes. The book begins with the authors handwriting confirming the content.

Cultural activities in Lebanon

Before going abroad, I was familiar with fluent Arabic to a great extent, and after the trip, due to my previous talent in this field; I was able to make up for my shortcomings in a short time and very quickly. I also got familiar with slang Arabic. One of the things I started on the sideline of my activities was the translating of a few books that I felt needed to be published for the campaigners inside and outside the country.

Oral History News of Mehr 1400 (September-October 2021)

According to the Iranian Oral History website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports take a look at news related to the subject of the website in print and virtual media. In the following, you will read news about the month of Mehr (from 23 September to 22 October) in 2021. The head of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Office of Kordkoy city said: ...

The 326th Night of Memory -3

Propaganda Unit of War; Inspiring Thought

The 326th Night of Memory program was held in person on the Thursday of 29th July 2021, in the open space of the Arts Center, with the performance of Mr. Davood Salehi. In this program, with the theme of "Morale Unit"; a narration of the warriors of the War Propaganda Unit ", General Mohammad Ali Asoudi, Mr. Ismail Mahmoudi, and Dr. Mohammad Ghasemi shared their memories. At the beginning of the program, ...

Oral History Weekly Magazine Aims and Regulations
Oral History Weekly Magazine wishes to create a suitable place for thoughts and idea development; Its main field would be “Oral History” and subjects as telling & writing memoirs, writing diaries, travelogues, chronologies, and all other subfields of history which are presented in the form of news, articles, reports, notes, interviews and memoirs can be included. There is no limitation on the length of would-be-sent materials.
Mentioning the name, academic background and email is necessary. Articles with complete references and bibliography are more credited and an abstract would quite helpful.
Weekly is not about to publish any material consisting insults and libels about other people or anything that brings anxiety to public opinion. Weekly can edit and translate the received materials.
The published articles and materials are only the writer’s ideas and Oral History Weekly Magazine has no responsibility about their content.

SABAH (83)

Memoirs of Sabah Vatankhah

Interviewed and Compiled by Fatemeh Doustkami

Translated by Natalie Haghverdian

Published by Soore Mehr Publishing Co.

Persian Version 2019


At least now she could be covered under martyr foundation coverage and her poverty issue could be solved because she could not fee her children. Poor woman was mourning her husbands death with two little children. We would like to do something for her but in that condition, we could not do anything.

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